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ooc: Hiatus

[[Wow, what a surprise, I’m back here again.

Yeah, I’m putting this blog on indefinite hiatus. I just don’t have the motivation to come on here and reply most days, nor do I have the time to a lot of the time, especially since I’m currently running two other RP blogs. I might come on here and reply every now and then, but it’s not going to be a guaranteed thing. Like, I might come reply once a week or so.

'Til next time.]]

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[The music continued to pour into his ears, invading his scattered thoughts as he kept his gray orbs on Ryoji, this time reaching out and carefully placing his hand on the others shoulder, unsure of how to react to his request. It was a simple one, the blue haired boy thought, as he kept his gaze steady, his voice seemingly lost. But there really wasn’t anything to think about, was there? The answer was easy.]

“Of course.”

He shuddered at Minato’s touch. He had been touched by so many, but it was only his touch that made him feel real. He was glad, because Minato had decided to stay with him. Even with how short of a time they had left together, he was still overflowing with emotion. 

He found himself moving to embrace Minato, and if the the blue-haired teenager didn’t move he would find Ryoji burying his face into Minato’s shoulder, tears streaming down his face. It was simply natural that Minato would die. There was nothing he could do to change this, and Ryoji knew that. All things came to an end. Perhaps it was the human nature that he’d been granted that let him think this way, even when he knew it was illogical.

For once, Ryoji had nothing to say.

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[[The posts that never were.]]

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#’they say there’s a rabbit in the moon. why don’t you make like the rabbit and get in me?’

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[[ooc: oh right i actually sent you that one]]

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"Oh! Yukari-san! I didn’t think that I’d see you here!" Ryoji said cheerfully."How are you doing?"

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